Question of the Day: What do James Bond, Pee Wee Herman and Louis Farrakhan have in common?

Question of the Day: What do James Bond, Pee Wee Herman and Louis Farrakhan have in common?

Here is a hint: You can include Marlene Dietrich, Bill Nye, Karl Marx and Louis the 13 th. OK, you guessed it, they are all wearers of bow ties. In fact, Louis the 13 th is credited with “discovering” the first tie and catapulting it to the status of must-have accessory it is today. Louis, upon seeing the colorful scarf ties around the necks of the Croatian soldiers he had engaged to defend France, was inspired to add the garment to his own attire and require they be worn for state functions. Over 380 years later the tie is still a fashion statement for individuals around the world.

photo by Ancho Licensed under public domain
photo by Alan Light Licensed under CC2.0

For the Croatians the neck accessory had the practical function of keeping their shirts closed and were also possibly used to identify a countryman in the days when mercenaries were traipsing around through what would eventually become Europe.

From the very beginning the tie represented the competency, courage and individuality of the Croatian fighters. Today I think they symbolize the same thing, from the comic genius of Pee Wee Herman to the fiery self-determination of Louis Farrakhan and the stalwartness of many a great leader like Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. Those who choose to wear bow ties often demonstrate something powerful, you might say remarkable, about themselves. August 28 th is national bow tie day. You might consider putting one on, wearing it for the day, seeing if that which is remarkable about YOU will be drawn to the surface. At the very least, wear one just for fun! I would love to see pictures of you flaunting your bow ties. Be sure to tag @forestique on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Bow ties aren’t just fabric anymore. Today they are being made from various materials including paper, leather, feathers, cork, even wood. There is even an International Wooden Bow tie Club.

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Henry Wischusen