Oak -Anti Bacterial Super Star

Oak -Anti Bacterial Super Star

Why Wood?

With so many options on the market: plastic, wood, glass, stainless… Why choose a wooden cutting board? Why choose the Forestique Red Oak cutting board? What makes it so special?!? WE ARE GLAD YOU ASKED! Read on to find out.

Oak: Anti-bacterial Superstar

When it comes to wooden cutting boards, not all are created equal. Forestique boards are crafted from Oak, which was shown to be one of the most antibacterial surfaces in a study conducted at UC Davis on bacteria growth and cutting surfaces. Not only does Oak have self- healing properties that make it much easier to sanitize, this incredible species stopped the growth of harmful bacteria in their tracks!

Check out the Research

The “Finishing” Touch

As great as oak is on its own, we take our cutting board to the next level by infusing them with a special blend of oils and beeswax. This conditioner serves two purposes: The mineral oil and beeswax penetrate the wood to nourish the board for years to come while Rosemary and Basil essential oils provide an extra layer of antibacterial protection.

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On Care and Keeping

To keep your Forestique cutting board hard at work for as long as possible we recommend following these USDA guidelines for cutting board use:

Always clean a cutting board that has been used for raw meat or dairy products with soap and hot water.

Dry your board extra thoroughly with a clean towel before putting away. Any residual moisture left on a board creates an environment that more easily harbors bacteria.

Additionally, we recommend treating your board with pharmaceutical grade mineral oil (or our special antibacterial BOARD BALM) approximately once a month or as needed.

For the longest possible life span the Forestique cutting board is best washed by hand.

Read the USDA Guidelines for yourself

Henry Wischusen