About the Bracelets

About the Bracelets

Natural Finish

All of the woods used by Forestique are their natural color. No dye stains or chemicals are used in finishing our products. Our finish is 3 hand rubbed coats of pure organic Tung oil. We combine the Tung oil with all natural citrus terpine to assist the oil in penetrating the wood. In our bracelet that have both wood and metal, we sometimes finish them with carnuba wax and citrus terpine, also natural substances.

Organic Fit

Forestique Bracelets are made from organic materials and react to the environment and you. Just flex them open to go over your wrist. They may be tight at first but in the space of an hour or 2 they will react to the heat and moisture of your body and relax to a perfect fit.


Forestique bracelets are made from materials that are as flexible as they are strong. You can quite literally flex the bracelets straight out without damaging or breaking the them. This allows the bracelets to be categorized as one size fits all.


Forestique bracelets are made with thin wood veneers 1/40th of an inch thick. By using veneers we are able to present the beauty of real wood using the tree wisely. All of aur bracelets are sun cured. The UV rays of the sun bring the Tung oil to a durable finish. By using the sun we avoid carbon producing heaters and lights. It does take longer to make our products using the sun and on ocassion tiny pieces of dust may get trapped in the finish.